Another clause stated, “We agree to make each other happy and always help one another to the best of our ability, even if that means assisting the other with the disposal of a body.” The person who terminates or disobeys the contract would be required to give the other a pre-determined amount of money.

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John knew Alin still had feelings for that bastard Valentine, so staying faithful to Alin was out of the question. However disaster struck when one of the bitches he fucked sold a story on him.

John was convinced Alin would definitely leave him, but surprisingly she forgave him and didn't even confront him about it.

It was time to cause havoc in good old New York City where he had carefully avoided going for the past years.

When Jared Valentine wants to ruin someone completely, ruin is usually an understatement. With that thought, Jared tossed the newspaper away and called his secretary to book a flight immediately to New York...

He had only ever loved one woman in his life; she had thrown it back in his face by betraying him in the most unforgivable way.

Thanks to her, he had gain even more financial success.Life for him was never an easy ride and when both his parents died in a car crash, he had lived on a bad estate with his grandmother.It took a lot of hard work and gamble to get to where he was today.*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* February 2010 – Present "I love her so much. will you marry me Alin" Given a different situation a girl would love the fact that her boyfriend had just proposed to her on the front page of the NYC Post. She had told John a million times she didn't like to declare her public life for the world to see, yet he had gone ahead with the one thing she hated. He had declared his love for her openly, yet she had never acknowledged it.His proposal came at a right time and it would save her from ruining her life, but she didn't love him. Alin made a mistake in the past, loving and trusting a man she shouldn't have. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Jared Valentine sat on his balcony in his presidential suite, sipping red wine and chain smoking while reading the front page of the newspaper.Although he hadn't actually proposed to her in person, he knew she would say yes. John liked the chase, and Alin proved to be such a thrill and a little bruise to his ego, but eventually after four years of remaining "sort of friend" she had finally chosen to be with him.