Unfortunately no web software is 100% secure and Joomla is no exception to that rule.

Now you won't forget about important things to do on Joomla site, because you will see them each time after login.

Sometimes you need more information about your users and not always you want to install addcional extension like: Easy Social, Community Builder or Jom Social to get them.

This is good solution because: If you afraid that your website fellow-workers can forget about something or you want to notice about important things you can use text module in Joomla back-end dashboard. You have to go to Extenstions New then choose Custom HTML.

This new module filled with your content should be published on "cpanel" position.

But there is a way to override/translate language phrases without changing a language file(s).

In Joomla 3.x you can find new tool, which allows you to translate selected phrases using the overrides feature in Extensions Overrides.Depending of used version you will have more or less addons with popular features (tabs, carousel image slider, accordion, contact form, buttons, gallery etc.).Easily build responsive Joomla sites without touching a line of code.Built-in automatic integration with Community Builder and Jom Social enables getting values from CB or Jom Social profile fields.Show or hide content depending on user information (user id, name, username, etc.) or Community Builder/Jom Social field value.Sometimes when you're on vacations , far far away from home computer and you need to build a whole website or only few nice looking pages you can use one tool which include many others.