Sure, he might sound amazing via a string of emails and heart-fluttering text messages, but before you change your ring tone to “Put a Ring On It,” give yourself some time to actually see where the real life stuff falls into place.Online profiles can be well written, have a nice array of likeable photos and a cute tagline, but there’s still the in-person compatibility factor to consider before calling the single game quits.Don’t beat yourself up over a bad date or a disappointing match.

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Don’t hand out information that can make you easy to Google and stalk.

Do choose a public place when meeting for a date and do tell a friend where you’re going (a little back up is always nice and hey, you can debrief together afterwards).

After several on and off waves with online dating sites, I have learned that there should be a few emotional guidelines to help keep us sane during the process: Just like Mindy Kaling’s character on The Mindy Project, I find myself viewing my own life through the lens of all the chick flicks I have ever watched.

However, it is important to remember the dose of reality that comes with online dating.

Having a healthy dose of expectations coming into the process helps to not feel so bummed out when Mister Right (or Ms.

Right, it is 2013 after all) doesn’t magically appear before your computer screen immediately.There is no shame in getting online and increasing your chances of other people finding out what a catch you are.So hang on to those positive vibes, try not to take the online dating scene as seriously as The Hunger Games, and hey- have a little fun while you’re at it.I notice some people view online dating as the solution to all their problems and a sure fix to their itch for marriage and babies.Then two months into the profile activation, the online dating excitement is deflated and the “I’m Still Single” pity party ensues.You can also share your keep calm poster with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Whatsapp, and many more!