"Water Lilies" is a French film that deals with the lives of three distinct teen female characters and their very real struggles.

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When Marie sees Floriane perform at a school swim meet she quickly becomes enamored with her.

Her grace, beauty and popularity make most all the girls in school envious.

Each of the three experiences her own first, and Marie must sort out attraction and friendship.

Water Lilies 1/30/2010This is an amazingly fearless movie that tackles issues no Hollywood studio would touch.

Television, movies, and magazine mold young minds into thinking what is normal and what is acceptable. There a few scenes between Marie and Floriane that will make certain audiences extremely uncomfortable.

That has developed a sort of controversy between groups of people.

Director Celine Sciamma looks to takes great care and sensitivity to the actors and the story.

This film is not for everyone but you will get hooked by the likable true to life characters.

Other girls are jealous and mean to her, as she is looked upon as the school slut.