But right as he crawls inside one of his brother laughs, awakening the goddess and causing her to crush Maui with her obsidian vaginal teeth.

And while this vaginal attack might have been defensive, we still see that all the danger in this story is in the woman and her sex, and Maui was trying to help out humanity through his unauthorized entry.

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Clearly in this scenario it is the woman whose sexuality is harmful and dangerous.

The men have to tame the vicious vagina for their own saftey and pleasure.

Every now and then these type of cysts can grow hair or teeth.

There’s some graphic pictures and conjecture about real life vagina dentata available from the University College of London.

As the movie progresses her boyfriend and even her gynecologist violate her trust and suffer far worse than a cut finger.

is part body horror, part comedy, part genital superhero origin story.

But no matter the physical real-ness the psychological fear that drives the myth and the the stories is real.

Camille Paglia wrote in her book (1991): “The toothed vagina is no sexist hallucination: every penis is made less in every vagina, just as mankind, male and female, is devoured by mother nature.” The argument is simple: no matter how victorious a man enters a vagina he inevitably leaves rather...

Because while Dawn is a victim who learns to defend herself from unwanted male aggression, the women who possessed nether-teeth in other stories were the antagonists of their stories.