Kate Pankoke was voted back from Season 11, for whatever reason, and she bonded with Helen Castillo, who spent so much of her time getting emotional that it was a struggle to watch.

But she wasn't even as bad as time bomb Sandro Masmanidi, who quit, or Ken Laurence, who just got way too mad.

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Seth Aaron Henderson did some standout work in 2010 (and he'd go on to win "All-Stars" Season 3) but Emilio Sosa, Mila Hermanovski, Maya, Anthony Williams, Jay Nicolas Sario, and -- bless her -- Ping Wu made for a memorable season (in a good way).7.

Season 5This season had some standout designs -- Suede's cocktail dress for the Natalie Portman challenge, Korto Momolu's amazing seat belt coat -- but it's still a little surprising that Leanne Marshall of Team Ugly Brown Fabric managed to win over both the perpetually robbed Korto and the retro fabulous (if abrasive) Kenly Collins.

There’s a full body shot, and she’s wearing a thick winter sweater, and…corduroy shorts. Rami also is not planning to listen to every single thing Tim says. He starts telling a story about the monkey house and how after a while it doesn’t stink but then if people come in they will know it stinks. Chris calls it a “baroque, rococo nightmare.“ There is crap everywhere, all over the walls, Jesus how can he live in there? He won a costume contest once and kept on doing it but he wanted to get into fashion so he moved to New York. Chris’s clothes were intriguing, because you can’t tell what they’re made of.

Chris is in New York too, which is sad because I wanted him to be in San Francisco. Kors feels like they’re still costumes, but Nina says that there are designers who started out making costumes. Next week: Jillian flips out over a missing model, Christian actually stops talking about how awesome he is, and I think he actually cries. I don’t even care who wins anymore, because I’m sure it’ll be based on some random criteria that the judges picked out because they threw a dart at a dartboard and that’s where it landed.

The judges ended up being deadlocked, which makes me suspect that Cavalli voted for Chris, along with Nina who was sick of Rami draping things. So those two had to make collections and be judged just before Fashion Week. Tim tells him to ask when he doesn’t need something to edit. (Kmanpat: “Maybe after sewing feathers all day he doesn’t want his hair to be like feathers anymore.“) Christian says he’ll listen to Tim but in the end do whatever the hell he wants. Jillian’s got dress forms all over the living room. They’ve only set up three tables, and Chris offers to share with Rami. The third dress has circles on her hips so they look bigger.

And apparently start dating or something, because I’m not the only one who noticed how snuggly they were at the reunion.(click for more)Heidi comes out to explain to everyone about the Fashion Week collections, as if they didn’t already know. She reminds Chris and Rami about their extra challenge. Nothing we haven‘t seen before in the first 3 seasons of people leaving to go make collections. In her interview she’s all made up and she looks beautiful. It’s like princess seams but with tabs so it looks almost woven. His friends are “hanging out” I guess, and they meet him right off and they chat over snacks. Is his partner and was introduced as his “good friend”. His dad and step-mom are very supportive, even though he kept it a secret for a long time because of his culture and whatnot. Now, I didn’t notice that until Kors pointed it out. There was a lot of ingenuity but some overdone ness.

They both go over to the other room and everyone has a nice reunion and beers. Tim makes a point to namedrop Bluefly because they donated shoes, I guess to avoid a Karasaun thing. Christian smirks that Christian’s clothes are “interesting”, in the way your child’s crappy drawing is “interesting” because you don’t know what it’s supposed to be. I mean, not that you couldn’t tell all season that the judges loved Rami. Final look: long slim black dress with huge wrap, all the front is crocheted and it is awesome. Chris talks about his glamour Goth inspiration and “unexpected materials”. Nina is glad, and for some reason loves the second look, which is the draped look. Maybe because it’s different colors and it‘s not Grecian.

That’s 3 hours you can’t have to work on your own stuff! The quotes from Rami and Chris seem to imply that Chris is more confident than Rami, which tells me that Rami is going to win. His final look is a long black dress with a million pleats and a train. Chris: the black jacket with hair trim that he showed Tim and a beaded skirt. Second look: Halter top with black beading over a skin tone fabric, and the whole skirt is hair. Rami starts out by saying that he wanted to make things that were different outside the show.

It brought out the worst of the show without really giving the designers a chance to be truly creative and show their individual talents to the audience. Swatch (the dog at the NYC Mood), the heart of the show, wasn't there and things just weren't the same in L. There weren't too many standout moments this year, other than eventual winner Irina Shabayeva getting the nickname "Meana Irina" even though she wasn't even that mean... Season 9The 2011 season had a tough start when we had to watch the 20 designers pitch themselves to the panel to earn one of the 16 spots. But it was really frustrating that so much of this season focused on Anya Ayoung-Chee having no sewing experience and not even knowing how to make a sleeve.

It was frustrating, and even though the season gave us a strong winner in Michelle Lesniak, a good winner can't save a troubled season. She still won the whole season, despite doing a very basic (but still very Anya) collection that belied all the usual construction/improvement criticism.

He is conscious of making costumes, but he wants to be himself. And he’s using human hair for trim in a couple of pieces. They don’t talk about Chris nearly as long as they talk about Rami. They were looking for any excuse to let him in, and he made one thing without any draping in it so they were satisfied.