Hanley Castle was a royal castle commanding the high road from Worcester to Upton. In 1216 it was granted to Gilbert de Clare and remained in that family until 1314.

Between 1322 and his death in 1327 Edward II carried out extensive work which included, in 1324, the digging of a great ditch round the castle, 60ft wide and 7ft deep.

When the islands decided to remain loyal to King John he started the process of fortifying them against potential French invasions and the first major project was the construction of a castle at Gorey, eventually known as Mont Orgueil.

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It is hard to believe, however, that he took Davydd ab Owain [see , d. Innocent III absolved them and the other Welsh princes from their allegiance to the excommunicated king, and they all levied war against him. John restored his lands, and thanked him for his help (Rot.

1203] prisoner as well, though some manuscripts of the 'Brut' say so. The siege was relieved by the justiciar Geoffry Fitzpeter, who put the Welsh to flight and slew 3,700 with the loss of only one man. In 1215 Gwenwynwyn accompanied Llewelyn in his victorious expedition to the south.

A schedule of building materials, taken in 1327, suggests that the work was incomplete at that date (HKW).

Three sides of a sub-rectangular dry moat mark the site of Hanley Castle.

He now formed great plans for restoring to the Welsh their ancient rights, property, and boundaries; assembled a great army in July, and besieged William de Braose in Maud's Castle (ib. In the next year Gwenwynwyn was much occupied in helping Maelgwn in his war against his brother, Gruffydd ab Rhys [q.

v.] In 1203 William de Braose again complained that Gwenwynwyn was destroying his lands (Rot. Gwenwynwyn had other sons named Owain and Madog (Montgomeryshire Collections, i. In the days of his prosperity Gwenwynwyn had been a liberal benefactor to the Cistercians of Ystrad Marchell, or Strata Marcella (ib. i., Record ed.; Eyton's Shropshire; Bridgeman's Princes of Upper Powys, in the Montgomeryshire Collections of the Powysland Club, i. Gruffydd's wife was Margaret, daughter of Robert Corbet (]. From him the district of [Brut y Tywysogion (Rolls Ser.); Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum et Patentium, Record Comm.; FÅ“dera, vol.The Rotuli litterarum clausarum contains orders relating to the government of Jersey addressed to de Suligny on 2 and 3 October 1207.It appears that he lived in England rather than Jersey because there are several mentions of the voyages he undertook to return from England to the Channel Islands.1201] the sons of Rhys, and actively supported Gruffydd.