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So instead of fighting he goes to make sure she is fine and safe.

Also these next scenes have some hilarious censorship in the standard version which I will show pics of as well.

Kuga calls Nano to tell her he has a day free and asks if she will spend the day and night with him at the beach and she agrees.

When they arrive they see that his brother and dad are there as well because they are taking a break for Obon which is a Buddhist holiday in japan.

When she refuses they start to get forceful just as Souichirou and Kuga run in to chase them off.

Kuga gets ready to fight them before they run away till Souichirou tells him he should be more concerned with making sure Nano is okay instead.

Valid for shipping anywhere within California only.

I am also a Fin Dom- I love to be spoiled-I am a professional actress so we can do just about anything your mind creates.

This broke the record again for most extra content.