Court reigned supreme in the 1960s and 70s, winning each of the four grand slam singles titles at least three times.

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that's what Hitler did and that is what communism did... Court made the bizarre link between Nazis and transgender children after she was asked about the prevalence of transgender athletes in Australian sport.

The former tennis star also said transgender children are a product of parents who 'don't care'.'If you haven't got parents who bring you up that way and you have parents that don't care, and you're hurt and offended if somebody's saying something to you,' Court said.

She suggested Court's comments perpetuated a world where LGBT children were bashed, bullied and committed suicide because of intolerance.'How much blood will be on Margaret's hands because kids will continue to get beaten for being different? Navratilova said while Court was entitled to her opinion, free speech did not mean freedom from consequences of what she said.'We should not be celebrating this kind of behaviour, this kind of philosophy.

The platform people like Margaret Court use needs to be made smaller, not bigger,' she said.

The following year, she became the first Australian woman to win Wimbledon.

She triumphed at the Australian Open 11 times, including seven years in a row, and in 1970 won the coveted Grand Slam by sealing all four titles in the same year.

There's a lot of money behind it, and it's coming from America.'Asked if she thought a conspiracy was at work, Court replied: 'Yes, I believe there is... They are a minority in number but they do have a lot of money behind them.'She said there was 'a lot of bullying from the other way' and that she should have the right to express her views.'My nephew, with the Margaret Court tennis academy in Albury, he's had his computers just trashed,' added Court.'I don't want any more of it.

Enough's enough but they will keep doing it and it's very militant and it's sad to think that.

Two tennis greats: One is openly gay and champions LGBT rights, the other has become an ordained (and outspoken) Christian minister since retiring.

Now they are engaged in a week-long battle after retired Australian tennis star Margaret Court made a string of 'racist and homophobic' insults about a lesbian player who had a child with her partner.

Australian tennis star Margaret Court (left in the 1960s) made a string of 'racist and homophobic' insults about a lesbian player who had a child with her partner, kicking off a week-long war of words with American tennis legend Martina Navratilova (right in 1975).